Decent on-hold music is absolutely essential for any business which generates income from callers. Any sort of business offering services or selling items that are usually requested over the phone needs decent on-hold music that is relevant, interesting, and which is going to encourage people to stay on the phone until you can get to them.

Why Do I Need On Hold Music?

As noted above, on-hold music is essential for any business which receives a lot of phone traffic. When you use the right music, people will be more likely to stay on the phone until you can speak to them. High-quality, relevant music will:

  • Help time pass faster, reducing the risk of callers hanging up before you can get to the phone.
  • Help you build a memorable brand that people can identify with. The best way to do this is to use sounds and music that are already associated with your business, including those used in advertisements or social media videos.  
  • Prevent callers from getting anxious or impatient. Anxious or impatient callers are a lot more likely to hang up prematurely, impacting your income and reducing sales.

As you can see, decent on-hold music is essential. However, the perceived cost puts a lot of people off, preventing them from updating or using on-hold music at all.

How Much Does On Hold Music Cost?

The cost of on-hold music depends on where you source it from, what sort of music you use, and how you use it. One example of ridiculously expensive on-hold music use comes from the New Zealand Ministry of Social Development (MSD). A recent report found that the MSD spent over $13,000 on licencing using on-hold music in 2016.

Fortunately for you, it isn’t necessary to spend this much on your on-hold music. OHVO offers high-quality, royalty free music for just $69 – and this includes unlimited use! In reality, you would have to be stupid to spend anywhere near $1000, let alone $13000 per year.

What Are The Benefits Of Using On Hold Music From OHVO?

Along with the obvious cost benefits, OHVO on-hold music also offers:

  • A wide range of genres, allowing you to customise the mood, genre, energy, tempo, movement, and setting of your music.
  • Zero hidden fees. $69 gives you unlimited, royalty free use of your chosen music.
  • Message integration, allowing you to add on-hold messages to your music.
  • Great reviews and a fast turn around.

As you can see, choosing OHVO for on-hold music is a great idea. We have everything that we need to put together the perfect on-hold music selection for you and your business.

Final Word

If you are looking for new on-hold music for your business, then you need to consider the cost, the type of music you want, and the supplier of your music. If you want high-quality, royalty free music at extremely competitive prices, head over to the OHVO on-hold music page and send us a message!