Each business has a unique governing industry that demands the relevant language, tone and delivery style suitable to it. So how you choose to relate to listeners is by and large determined by your choice of words and overall delivery style (think pitch, male or female voice, dynamics etc.).

In the audio world, execution of sound, pronunciation, and delivery are all key factors in successful hold messaging creation. But what’s more important than anything is the overall language employed for listeners. It has to be on-point and relevant to the business, otherwise, it’s just not as effective.

If you take a busy franchise cake shop, for example, you can assume that it will naturally have a different on-hold message format, style, and language than a national corporate company, it has to and otherwise, it just sounds ‘off’.

Imagine hearing a sweet feminine voice delivering ‘we’re busy basting but we’ll be right with you’ to a corporate caller. It probably wouldn’t work so well, right? That’s why it’s critical to cater to your industry audience, because they know what language to expect – and trust us, they expect it!

So when you or your contracted script writer is executing another new message bank or on-hold piece, be sure to review your business language via website, pamphlets and general marketing too. Consider your competitor’s language, industry staple ‘sayings’ and overall tone for presentation. Every little bit of research adds value to the end product believability and increases trust (and patience) from you caller.

The next time you’re on hold for any reason, we challenge you to pay attention to the language variables for each business. What nuances and little differences do you detect in delivery? Is the language formal, casual or unique and creative? Does music play in the background, or is the listener solely engaged by a voice? All of these elements create an overall impression and ‘tone’, as does colloquial or formal language.

One way to make script-writing easier and with the right industry language is to immerse yourself in message recordings from neighboring, relevant businesses. You’ll spot a pattern in both delivery and dialogue which is easily transferable to your own business.

Of course, if you’re still not sure about how to approach it after research, just hire us to do it!

Words can make a Wonderful Impression!