How to Maximise Hold Message Impact

One good hold message can create a new long-term relationship with a first-time caller, or, remind your existing client-base why you’re the best in the business – it’s all about your strategy and approach.  


If you put yourself in your callers shoes, consider what message might make the most meaningful impact while they wait. What do your callers have in common? Is it the location, a requirement, their big-picture business interest, or other? These musings matter when it comes to scripting a message that has meaning.


Most callers are making contact to speak with someone – that’s the first obvious point. So, automated messages, hold music and on-hold content won’t be their priority or purpose, however, with graduated exposure and the right approach, your hold message can become an emotive or action stimulating experience.


Hold messages are a prime place to position your other products with style, but not at the expense of creating a calm, soothing atmosphere for your on-hold client. They also pose a chance for heightened engagement, where you can offer a number of new approaches to familiar material.


Maximise Interest with Meaningful Messages

10 Ideas to Consider:

  1. Put a vocal survey on your services (showing that their experience matters to you)
  2. Share quirky or remarkable business facts (for entertainment and interest)
  3. Recruit voice-over talent for demonstrations of your service offerings
  4. Design your scripts with a professional writer, with timing and audio features in mind
  5. Discuss causes that your business supports, and that your clients can participate in
  6. Offer a Hold-Message special promotion code for introductions to new service offers
  7. Feature a well-known artist, business person or local celebrity to promote your brand
  8. Create a bespoke audio tune and catch-phrase, to increase recognition and anchoring
  9. Implement elements of comedy for entertainment
  10. Use clever material that acknowledges the wait time in a genuine tone


Got some Tips for Hold Message Bits? Let us know, and maybe even use it when you make an order!