If we were to ask you what is the first impression you have or had of a particular business, you would probably say it is their brand or their customer service that left an impression on you. Although these two aspects are important, what you do not realize is the impact of the first conversation you had with their representative over the phone. You may have heard good things about the business, but if that first conversation is not a pleasant one, chances are that you may never approach the business again.

The Voice Impression

When we talk over the phone, the voice takes centre stage. Without a face or any body cues to rely on, what the operators say and how they say it becomes, in a way, not only a representation of their image and personality, but also of the business and agency they are employed with. The voice you hear over the phone transforms into the face of the organization. A clean, clear voice that is patient and listens to your query without interrupting you can leave a long lasting, positive impression about the business. Sounds simple, doesn’t it.

Sounding Simple But Professional

The work of a phone operator is cut out for them: be polite, be courteous, answer with a smile. But these simple things can be perfected only with the proper voice training and voice modulation as well. Phone operators may have to answer a multitude of calls every day. Answering each and every call, each and every query with the same level of politeness is a tough task. This where the training, and keeping a few things in mind, such as speaking at the right speed, enunciating the words in a clear manner, helps the operator maintain a standard voice level that is friendly yet professional.