Strategically speaking, how do you want your callers to feel once put on hold? Because realistically, being put on hold can be a golden opportunity for a new and positive experience and even further brand build and impact (believe it or not!).

Sometimes it’s not what’s said, but what is unsaid that matters most. Therefore it’s important to be aware of the language which is used, and the overall message content too. Nothing is worse than experiencing the frustration of not receiving a human on the end of the phone, only to then be inundated with sales messages, hyper narrated irrelevant stories or scratchy, ancient radio songs.

Often, businesses and brands try to say too much in their voice message banks, on-hold communication and other contacts. This isn’t the best approach in most cases, as the listener is often overwhelmed with information, when really what they are seeking is human contact for queries and concerns – not an earful of irrelevant details!

An alternative and often more effective strategy of on-hold communication, recorded notices and other, is to minimize the message to a few key lines for effective impact, with a tone that’s able to be well-received and understood in full, therefore not adding to potential frustration already being experienced (purely by being on hold).

It’s a delicate dance between being informative, welcoming and reassuring, and not too talkative, distracting or ‘intense’. Most companies struggle to achieve this perfect balance and so seek out services, the likes of which OHVO supply.

We know how to expertly craft material which has a positive impact on listeners, without drowning their ears in irrelevant content. Ultimately it is the strategy and structure which determine the critical differences between a positive experience and a frustrating one. Don’t worry; we can help with that!