Every customer wants to feel special. They want to be treated well and their questions addressed right away. This does not only apply to in-store customers but also the customers who call your customer care service to register any grievances, complaints or seek answers to queries they might have.

Entrepreneurs and business managers strive to ensure that these calls not only solve customer problems but ensure a pleasant overall experience, so that the customer hangs up the phone satisfied with the response and delighted with the attention they received.

How to handle customer calls?

From the moment the customer calls to the moment their call is transferred to the customer care expert is crucial. The music they hear, and the business messages conveyed to them play an important role in ensuring that they don’t hang up and are okay with waiting while listening to the music and the messages.

The right kind of on-hold music:

  • Reduces hang-ups
  • Emphasises key business messages
  • Enhances caller experience

However, on-hold music that does not align with your brand’s positioning efforts or key messages, and ones that is loud and repetitive might harm your brand rather than helping you by:

  • Forcing your callers to hang up
  • Making them feel agitated

Royalty-free on-hold music can help your business grow by delivering a delightful call experience to callers/customers. Most of the time, these are people who have already bought from your company and hence, creating a good after-sales support experience for them is crucial in ensuring they come back and buy from you again. Thus, turning them a valued, returning customer, and making you a business they trust and recommend to others, as well.

When choosing an on-hold music for your business, make sure you have a nice spread to choose from and find a piece that aligns to your brand’s image. Add the right key messages to the music that might seem of value to the callers and you have everything that requires to turn a caller into a delighted brand loyalist.

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