Angry customers happen to every business but if your company regularly deals with a high ratio of complaints or problem solving calls, then you need to know how to use your on hold system properly. There are a number of things that you can do with messaging and music to calm or inform the customer, and in some cases even straight up eliminate their problem.

Stop saying ‘your call is important to us’. It’s an empty statement even at the best of times, and to an angry customer it’s infuriating. They may already be feeling betrayed by your company – a faux recorded message trying to placate them will only further stoke the fire. They just want help with the problem they are experiencing.

In the same way, on hold is not the time to start talking up the company or product. A message talking about all the great features of your star product will only aggravate the caller who is ringing about their faulty model. As will a grand proclamation of all your charitable donations if they are ringing to dispute a large bill.

If there is a common problem with an easy fix, you may be able to head them off with a short message detailing the solution, or forward them to your website with more information.

Switch the music up to create the perception of a shorter waiting time. Try to have a number of shorter tracks on rotation as the same song on repeat will only succeed in annoying callers with a long wait time. If they are calling with complaints, the last thing you’ll want to do is irritate them further.

Choose the right music. Let OHVO guide you in selecting the right lyrics and tempo to soothe your caller. Anything that is too loud, affronting or clashing creates a sense of discordance, not the best state for an angry customer to be in when they finally get to an operator.

Consider a call back option. If your phone system is capable and you regularly have lengthy hold times utilising the call back option is invaluable. This places less pressure on your team, and more convenience for the customer. Place the call back message after your regular messages, so any important information will still be presented to the caller.

Customer management is key. Try implementing these ideas today, your in-bound customer care team will thank you for it!